Virtual Real Estate Investing – An Alternative Strategy For Women

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As the entire world becomes more comfortable with online business transactions, virtual real estate investing is providing an excellent opportunity for women to grow their business. And even in times when face to face meetings and transactions are still restricted, this option is thriving. And it will continue to be a great way for women to participate in this somewhat new twist on real estate investing.


In the past, women have faced many barriers, including securing financing, networking, and even in knowledge opportunities. The real estate investing scene was a man’s world. Every aspect of real estate from the construction to the financing and sales were created to cater to men and be dominated by them. However, many strong women have braved the field and are very successful.


Virtual real estate investing provides a means of breaking down gender barriers and allowing more women to enter the field and enjoy success. In addition, the boundaries of geography are also being shattered as virtual deals are possible from anywhere in the world.


How Does Virtual Real Estate Investing Work?






Picture every aspect of real estate investing that happens in-person, but imagine each step or phase being completed online. Tools like video conferencing, virtual tours, and other remote tools make it all possible. The process is really just like traditional real estate investing without the in-person contact that can be challenging to achieve under the current conditions or because of the location of a remote property.


Remote deals offer flexibility so that your real estate investment business is not stagnated by a local issue, your inability to travel to a property, or just lack of inventory in your area. It also helps you to balance the risk involved in your investment through diversification, both regionally and in price or property type.


Your Virtual Real Estate Investment Tool Kit


The virtual aspect of real estate investing has proven to be very valuable for women searching for solutions and options during the pandemic. Childcare and other family obligations are making it more challenging to earn a living. But thinking outside the box with opportunities in virtual investing provides a much-needed resource for many women.


Video Conferencing- Before COVID-19, video conferencing existed, but it was not as common as it has become. Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Facetime are a way of life both personally and professionally thanks to the quarantine.


Online Real Estate Sites- It has never been easier to find and learn about properties online. Sites like Zillow and Trulia provide stats, pictures, contact information, and even some virtual tours. It has never been easier to learn about properties in your area or across the country.

Real Estate Market Reports-
The National Association of Realtors partner with numerous local and state real estate associations to provide online market reports with the most up to date information available.

Google Earth-
Google Earth lets you look at a satellite view of almost any property that you might be interested in purchasing. This answers questions about the surrounding area, road access, terrain, and other features or drawbacks of the property. 


Local Government Or Municipal Websites- Most towns and counties have a website that lists information such as probate, tax delinquent, and foreclosure-related properties. You can also investigate zoning restrictions, tax rates, business listings, and schools in the area. 

A Guide For Success


You will need a solid business plan and strategy to achieve success in virtual real estate investing. The following areas are critical to your success:


• Organized administrative processes
• A solid support team
• Online real estate investment groups and mentors
• Social media
• A website


How Virtual Real Estate Investing Benefits Women


Women who invest in real estate virtually have been found to thrive in this less traditional area of the business. It provides the increased income that is critical to many two-income families across the country. Even better, the virtual aspect allows for more scheduling freedom and the ability to increase its market range. So there is less stress about meeting family obligations, finding and paying for childcare, while still growing your business.


Women also like the fact that virtual businesses eliminate a great deal of the intimidation created in male-dominated fields. Communicating via email or on a call is far less stressful than sharing an office with all-male colleagues. And there tends to be less ‘water cooler’ talk that can be construed as offensive to the opposite sex.


A Path To Success


Thinking outside the box is likely to become the new norm for post-pandemic life. And women will be facing some significant hurdles when it comes to earning a living. But by looking at new opportunities and taking calculated risks, many women will be able to increase their earnings through virtual real estate investing without creating significant complications in their personal life or with family obligations.


Invest some time in learning about virtual wholesaling or other virtual deals. This knowledge will give you the information and confidence you need to begin building a profitable virtual real estate investment business to improve your life. And you can do it without giving up on actively raising your children and caring for your loved ones.

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